Financial Aid

Christian Heritage School strives to keep the cost of education as accessible as possible, and as such has some of the lowest tuition out of any K-12 private school in the area.  However, some limited funds are available for needs-based financial assistance for families who may need additional help with the cost of education.

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 The Value of a Christian Education

Our goal is to provide a quality Christian education to everyone who wants one.  While we wish we could do that for free, we realize that everything of value comes at a cost, and providing a quality, college-preparatory education centered in a biblical worldview is no exception.   Ultimately, the costs associated with providing a Christian education should be viewed as an investment in the life and eternal future of your child.  God can do amazing things in the life of a child whose education has been shaped by the values of a biblical worldview, academic excellence,  moral character, and civic responsibility.  It is for this reason that teachers, parents, schools, and churches are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to prepare young people to impact their generation for the glory of God.

Ways to Make it Affordable

We realize that not everyone’s financial circumstances are the same, so Christian Heritage School provides a variety of payment plans for families to choose from that best meet their individual needs.  The following three plans are the most commonly used, but a customized option is also available for those who need one.

Monthly Plan: This is our most popular plan, since it makes use of the convenience of monthly billing. Example: Pay registration and book fees by July 15th. Pay rest of bill in 10 equal installments by the 15th of each month for August through May.

Quarterly Plan: This plan is intended to be used primarily by those families whose line of work does not lend itself to regular monthly income, such as contractors, farmers, and realtors, etc.  Pay tuition and fees in 4 equal installments by the 15th of August, November, February, and May respectively. (certain conditions apply)

Annual Plan: Pay all tuition and fees in full at time of enrollment.

See our Tuition and Fees page for more information about our cost details.