We Desire To Provide Affordable Education

Christian Heritage School is committed to making education affordable to Christians dedicated to living out the gospel. To accomplish this, we provide the following:

Low Tuition (2024-2025)

  • $5,400 for Grades 1-12
  • $3,600 for Kindergarten
    • Kindergarten consists of 3 full days per week held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

10% family income tuition cap option

We provide a 10% Family Income Tuition Cap after the first child.

How the “10% Family Income Tuition Cap” works:
Tuition is $5,000 per year per student (except for Kindergarten which is $3,300).  After the first child, we can apply a 10% family income cap if one's income necessitates it. For instance, if a total family income (AGI) is $55,000 and they have 3 children they would pay $5000 for the 1st child and only $500.00 to cover the remaining 2nd and 3rd child's tuition (10% of 55,000 is $5,500 minus 1st child's full tuition means remaining children's tuition is only $500 total).

Note: Families are required to pay all the fees for each child. See fee chart below.

To learn more about the 10% family income tuition cap, please contact the office with your inquiry and one of our staff will be happy to discuss it with you.

Email: chspatriots@centurytel.net  |  Phone: (509) 236-2224

Limited Scholarship

In case of unusual situations, we also have a “Limited Scholarship Fund”.

Note: Prior to discussions of the Scholarship options, families must first fill out and submit the Application and Student Information Forms. Each situation is viewed as unique for the school to assess. The school is under no obligation to subsidize or compensate for challenging circumstances or situations that are the result of a family’s current and/or past lifestyle choices. While we would like to be able to accommodate every situation, we also have the responsibility to balance the financial stability of the school.

Payment Plans

Several payment plan options are also available.

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*Registration fees include Books, ACSI membership, student accident insurance, student activity fee, standardized testing, 1 yearbook per family, & other costs.